Annual Conferences

The annual conferences are the primary forum for promoting interaction among members with their common field of interest.

Conferences are the opportunity to discuss best practices, to support members with less experience within the area, and to develop best practices for PhD training.

Conferences are also an opportunity to meet with major stakeholders and to influence the political development of PhD training in Europe and worldwide.

Members have reduced registration. PhD students are welcome, also as contributors.

ORPHEUS Conference 2022 Istanbul

The 15th ORPHEUS conference will be held in Istanbul on May 12th – 14th 2022.
The focus of the conference will be  “Quality Training Environments for Biomedical Researchers” a topic which is central to all our efforts to provide our students with programmes based on excellence. This overall topic will be addressed through 4 specific themes:

  • Empowering Doctoral Supervisors
  • Building Resilience & Supporting Timely Completion
  • Optimising Student Experience
  • Broadening Horizons

These topics are of great interest to the ORPHEUS membership and the wider community.

You are invited to register where further details about the registration, abstract submission and accommodation are available.

Past Conferences

Below are a list of conferences which have taken place since 2005.

Braga 2020

Framework for Collaborative Doctoral Education Within Europe

Dublin 2019

Quality Training Environments for Biomedical researchers

Reykjavik 2018

Creativity, Diversity, Feedback and Motivation

Klaipeda 2017

A Framework for Collaborative Doctoral Education Within Europe

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